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2.33 Upgrade Notes

Browser support

  • Support for Internet Explorer 11 has been dropped.
  • Supported web browsers are now Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

Configuration / dhis.conf

  • A new property server.https is introduced. This setting is highly recommended to enable when deploying on HTTPS as it provides additional security (set server.https = on to enable). See install docs for details.
  • The property connection.schema no longer has any effect and can be removed.

Data model

  • Property programScope of object TrackedEntityAttribute is removed. Correspondingly column programscope of table trackedentityattribute is removed.
  • Column tracedentityattributeid of table program_attributes is made non-null.
  • Column programstageid of table programstagedataelement is made non-null.


  • The Reports legacy web module is removed from the system, and is replaced by the a new Reports React web app. The system uses the same authority as before, the app name is the same, and there is no action required.
  • The Approval part of reports web module has been turned into a new web module. A new React-based app is in the works to replace it.
  • The Classic Data Visualizer app is removed. This app is superseded by the new Data Visualizer app.
  • The GIS app is removed. This app is superseeded by the new Maps app.
  • The system setting Lock user account temporarily after multiple failed login attempts (with API key keySkipZeroValuesInAnalyticsTableExport) is now enabled by default.
  • The system setting Skip zero data values in analytics tables (with API key keySkipZeroValuesInAnalyticsTableExport) is now enabled by default.


  • Remember to drop SQL views from Apps > Data administration > Maintenance > Drop SQL views before upgrading, to avoid database integrity issues during the upgrade process, then recreate them after the upgrade is completed.
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