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Tracker-to-Aggregate (T2A) is a Java application that periodically aggregates and collects aggregate program indicators (PIs) from the DHIS2 server before pushing them back to the server as data values sets. T2A is a tool for DHIS2 administrators, designed to reduce the load of analytic operations on the DHIS2 server since requests for pre-aggregated data is often less demanding than on-the-fly aggregation of tracker data.


  • Java 11

Getting Started

*nix Usage Example

./dhis2-t2a.jar --dhis2.api.url= --dhis2.api.pat=d2pat_apheulkR1x7ac8vr9vcxrFkXlgeRiFc94200032556 --org.unit.level=3 --periods=2022Q1,2022Q2,2022Q3,2022Q4

Windows Usage Example

java -jar dhis2-t2a.jar --dhis2.api.url= --dhis2.api.pat=d2pat_apheulkR1x7ac8vr9vcxrFkXlgeRiFc94200032556 --org.unit.level=3 --periods=2022Q1,2022Q2,2022Q3,2022Q4


By order of precedence, a config property can be specified:

  1. as a command-line argument (e.g., --dhis2.api.username=admin)
  2. as an OS environment variable (e.g., export DHIS2_API_USERNAME=admin)
  3. in a key/value property file called or a YAML file named application.yml
Config Key Description Default Value Example Value
analytics.last.years Number of years to include when generating analytics. 1 10 ID of the program indicator attribute referencing the data element that captures the aggregate program indicator data value. vudyDP7jUy5 nIqQZeSwU9E
dhis2.api.url DHIS2 server Web API URL.
dhis2.api.pat Personal access token to authenticate with. This property is mutually exclusive to dhis2.api.username and dhis2.api.password. d2pat_apheulkR1x7ac8vr9vcxrFkXlgeRiFc94200032556
dhis2.api.username Username of the DHIS2 user to run as. admin
dhis2.api.password Password of the DHIS2 user to run as. district
http.endpoint.uri HTTP address the application will bind to for accepting POST requests that will kick off application execution. The HTTP request is processed asynchronously allowing the application to return immediately an HTTP 204 response while the request is being processed in the background. http://localhost:8081/dhis2/t2a
org.unit.batch.size Number of organisation units to process at once when retrieving analytics. It is computationally more expensive for the DHIS2 server to process organisation units in larger batches. 1 10
org.unit.level Level of the organisation units to retrieve analytics for. 3
periods ISO or relative period/s to retrieve analytics for. Multiple periods are comma delimited. 2022Q1,2022Q2,2022Q3,2022Q4 Program indicator group ID of the program indicators to retrieve analytics for. Lesc1szBJGe Whether to generate event analytics before retrieving them. true false
thread.pool.size Maximum no. of threads for processing analytics data. More threads might reduce execution time when org.unit.batch.size is less than the total no. of organisation units or split.periods is true but can also lead to more load on the DHIS2 server. 1 3
schedule.expression Cron expression for triggering the execution of the application. By default, execution is kicked off at midnight every day. 0 0 0 * * ? 0 0 12 * * ?
split.periods Whether to process periods individually when retrieving analytics. It is computationally more expensive for the DHIS2 server to process periods in batches (i.e., split.periods=false). true false


A Tracker-to-Aggregate tool to improve the performance of program indicators




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