Simple script to bulk covert ERB files in a Rails app to Haml
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erb2haml gives your Rails app rake tasks to convert or replace all ERB view templates to Haml.

Getting Started

Enabling the rake tasks

Add gem "erb2haml" to the development group in your Gemfile. You can do this by adding to your Gemfile the line

gem "erb2haml", :group => :development

or if you prefer the block syntax

group :development do 
  # ... 
  gem "erb2haml"            # Add this line 
  # ... 

Converting ERB Templates to Haml

After enabling the rake tasks, you can convert your ERB templates to Haml in two ways, depending on whether you would like to keep the original ERB templates or not.

Keep the original ERBs? Rake task to run
Yes rake haml:convert_erbs
No rake haml:replace_erbs


Copyright (c) 2011-2013 David Leung and contributors. See LICENSE for further details.