@subotic subotic released this Sep 13, 2018 · 2 commits to develop since this release

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This is the first release with the new version numbering convention. From now on, if any changes
to the existing data are necessary for a release, then this release will have its major number increased.
Please see the Release Versioning Convention description.

Required changes to existing data:

  • a knora-base:ListNode must have at least one rdfs:label. (@github#991)

New features:

  • add developer-centric docker-compose.yml for starting the Knora / GraphDB / Sipi / Salsah1 (@github#979)
  • configure webapi and salsah1 thorough environment variables (@github#979)
  • update for Java 10 (@github#979)
  • comment out the generation of fat jars from KnoraBuild.sbt (for now) (@github#979)
  • update ehcache (@github#979)
  • update sbt to 1.2.1 (@github#979)
  • remove Kamon monitoring (for now) since we don't see anything meaningful there. We probably will have to instrument Knora by hand and then use Kamon for access. (@github#979)
  • update Dockerfiles for webapi and salsah1 (@github#979)
  • follow subClassOf when including ontologies in XML import schemas (@github#991)
  • add support for adding list child nodes (@github#991)
  • add support for shared ontologies (@github#987)


  • trouble with xml-checker and/or consistency-checker during bulk import (@github#978)
  • ontology API error with link values (@github#988)