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import {getService} from '@loopback/service-proxy';
import {inject, Provider} from '@loopback/core';
import {GithubdsDataSource} from '../datasources';
export interface QueryService {
// this is where you define the Node.js methods that will be
// mapped to the SOAP operations as stated in the datasource
// json file.
// References:
// repo: for example, strongloop/loopback-next
// type: pr | issue
// action: merged | closed | created
// startdate, enddate: in the format of yyyy-mm-dd
repo: string,
type: string,
action: string,
startdate: string,
enddate: string,
): Promise<QueryResponse>;
getRepoInfo(repo: string): Promise<RepoInfo>;
repo: string,
issueNumber: string,
): Promise<IssueComment[]>;
// export interface IssueDetailsResponse {
// comments: IssueComment[];
// }
export interface IssueComment {
user: string;
created_at: string;
export class RepoInfo {
name: string;
html_url: string;
open_issues_count: number;
export interface QueryParameters {
startdate: string;
author: string;
issueState: string;
isPR: boolean;
export interface QueryResponse {
total_count: number;
items: PRInfo[];
export class PRInfo {
url: string;
state: string;
user: GitHubUser;
number: number;
created_at: string;
export class GitHubUser {
login: string;
url: string;
avatar_url: string;
export class QueryServiceProvider implements Provider<QueryService> {
// githubds must match the name property in the datasource json file
protected dataSource: GithubdsDataSource = new GithubdsDataSource(),
) {}
value(): Promise<QueryService> {
return getService(this.dataSource);
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