AppletonAPI is the humble beginning of a RESTful API for Appleton, WI civic data.
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AppletonAPI is the humble beginning of a RESTful API for Appleton, WI civic data.

All data presented by AppletonAPI is directly from and presented in a manner usable by client programmers.

The API itself is running on Google App Engine .

Known Clients

Apps that allow you to lookup recycling pickup schedule for the current week:

API v3.1.0 (current)


Appleton Police Department reported crime data.

GET /crimes?start_date={yyyy-mm-dd}&end_date={yyyy-mm-dd}

Requires: None. Called without parameters this route will return data for the current date UTC.

Optional parameters: &start_date and &end_date in ISO 8601 format yyyy-mm-dd not to exceed 7 days in total.

Returns: JSON result of crime data search.


        "address": "900 Block W SUMMER ST",
        "agency_page_link": "appleton",
        "ccn": "LAC15-027902-00",
        "description": null,
        "id": 725948116,
        "incident_date_time": "2015-08-01T16:30:00Z",
        "incident_type_id": 161,
        "incident_type_name": "ASSIST",
        "incident_type_pinnable": true,
        "lat": 44.27179,
        "lng": -88.420138,
        "org_id": 83558,
        "org_name": "Appleton Police Department ",
        "processing_level": 3,
        "public_narrative": "ASSIST",
        "time_spread": 0,
        "tipsoft_id": 1105


Search for a property within the city of Appleton using the street address.

GET /search?q={street address}

Requires: Search parameter: &q = Street address

Returns: JSON result consisting of a list of possible property ids.

Example: (street address for the Appleton Makerspace)

        "N Douglas St"
        "N Douglas St B"
        "N Douglas St R"


GET /property/{property key}

Requires: property key

Returns: JSON result containing the majority of data available on for that property.

Example: (property key for the Appleton Makerspace)

        "2015leafcollectiondates": "To Be Determined For 2015",
        "elementaryschool": "Lincoln",
        "firestationaddress": "1701 W. Brewster St",
        "firestationnumber": "5",
        "garbageday": "Monday",
        "highschool": "Appleton West",
        "middleschool": "Wilson",
        "recycleday": "Monday, 04-20-2015",
        "sanitarydistrict": "Appleton",
        "schooldistrict": "Appleton Area",
        "watersource": "Appleton"
        "alderman": "Christine Williams",
        "aldermandistrict": "10",
        "assemblydistrict": "57",
        "cityward": "29",
        "congressionaldistrict": "8",
        "county": "Outagamie",
        "countysupervisordistrict": "3",
        "pollinglocation": "St. Matthew Ev. Lutheran Church",
        "senatedistrict": "19",
        "whorepresentsme": "State & Government Leaders"
        "assessmentclass": "Commercial"
        "address": "115 1/2 N Douglas St Appleton Wi 54914",
        "name": "Meiers, John P"
        "legaldescription": "Fifth Ward Plat 5Wd W238Ft Of E268Ft Of N192.5Ft Of S292.5Ft Of Blk 84 107-121 N Douglas St"
        "effectivedepth": "0",
        "frontagesqftacres": "54145.00",
        "shape": ""
        "c2": "General Commercial District"
        "businessname": "Shooting Star Photo",
        "driverseducationofthefox": "Hankey, John D & Associates",
        "valheatinc": "Julien Shade Shop, The"
        "310173241": "31-0-1732-42"
        "building": "$259,500",
        "land": "$148,900",
        "partialfullassessment": "Full",
        "total": "$408,400"
        "1stdollarcredit": "$62.04",
        "amountcollected": "$8,864.72",
        "balancedue": "$4,514.00",
        "interestdue": "$0.00",
        "lesslotterycredit": "$0.00",
        "propertytaxes": "$9,681.86",
        "specialassesments": "$4,347.73",
        "statecredits": "$588.83",
        "taxbillamount": "$13,378.72"
        "date": "June 1990",
        "deedtype": "Quit Claim Deed",
        "document": "10456 / 26",
        "price": "$0.00",
        "vacantimproved": "Land & Building",
        "validity": "Not Open Market"
        "buildingarea": "22792",
        "exteriorwalltype": "Blk",
        "framingtype": "Wd Joist Fr - Steel",
        "numberofstories": "1",
        "structuretype": "Multiuse Building",
        "wallheight": "12",
        "yearbuilt": "1952"
        "desciption": "Detached Garage - Masonry",
        "quantity": "1",
        "sqft": "1400",
        "yearbuilt": "1952"

Deprecated API versions.

In order to reduce client breakage due to changes in the API, it is best to define the API version number in your calls. This way you will have time to refactor your client to work with new API changes.

Clients dependent on previous versions of the API can continue to use those earlier versions for a time. However, these will be removed at some point -- best to use the latest version.

API v2.2.0 Example calls:


API v1.0.0 Example calls: