Android app - Quickly lookup the recycling pickup schedule for the current week.
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#Is it recycling week?

Quickly lookup the recycling pickup schedule for the current week.

This open source app was written for citizens wanting to know if it is a recycling pickup week or not via Android devices.

Currently, data is available for Appleton, Greenville, Seymour, New London, Kaukauna, Little Chute, Kimberly, Combined Locks and other points in-between in Outagamie County in Northeast Wisconsin.

Available on the Google Play store: Is it recycling week?


  • Do one thing, do it well. Resist the temptation to grow the features/purpose of the app to include more than determining if it is recycling week. If some other municipal data app would be useful, create a separate app.
  • Be and stay open source. Contribute to and benefit from the local and global community of civic hackers.
  • No advertisements. As a community-built, donated-time application let's not sell any products, mkay?
  • Cost $0.00 and minimal time investment to maintain. Many Internet services/APIs provide a free tier of resources.
  • Do not become data stewards if we can help it. The municipality already owns the data.
  • Be usable by all citizens by being available in more than just the english language.

##How to help: Want to help improve this app or it's API? Have a suggestion? Take a look at our todo list / suggestion box / open issues here on Github.

Generally speaking, this and any open software project can benefit from documentors, graphic designers, user experience designers, good ideas, inclusivity, and of course software developers.

##Software Setup:


  • Java JDK8
  • Git
  • Android Studio is Google's purpose-built IDE for writing Android apps. It includes the SDK's for emulating devices, a code editor based on IntelliJ IDEA, and source control plugins for git.

###General OS-agnostic steps:

  1. Install Java
  2. Install Git
  3. Install Android Studio
  4. Run the Android SDK that came bundled with Android Studio to download and setup platform/API version 24 (Android 6.0).
  5. Clone this repo to a directory
  6. Open the directory from Android Studio as an existing Android Project.
  7. Hack away and submit pull reqests back to this repo!


This project is licensed under the ISC license. See LICENSE.txt