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Logarithmic populations and ranks for all cities in each state

(My first ever R code! I learned some snippets of code because I wanted to generate 50 different graphs, one for each state, and didn't want to do them all by hand in Excel. Googling suggested R as a solution, so I found some sample code doing mostly what I wanted and with some difficulty and not much actual understanding modified their code to make the graphs I wanted. From there I've slowly picked up the language in fits and spurts until I'm actually pretty good at it today, albeit still dependent on Google and documentation.)

I analyzed each state by the share of its population contained in each city.

This repository contains a CSV (logs.csv) containing for each state the population of each official city on a logarithmic scale, and the population rank of each state's city on a logarithic scale. It also contains R code (state-log-population.R) to produce a small multiple graph showing the log of the population of each state's cities vs. the log of the population rank of each state's cities.

To run, the working directory must first be set to the folder containing logs.csv.


State graphs