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Analyzing British monarchs and prime ministers

This sub-repository contains data about British monarchs and prime ministers, and code to analyze it and visualize it. You can read my take on the code in my blog post "Long lives the queen."

All of the code and data here is released under the MIT License, available for free reuse subject to credit and maintenance of the license.

uk_monarchs.csv contains basic bigraphical information for each monarch of England and Breat Britain dating back to the Restoration

uk_prime_ministers.csv contains basic biographical information on every prime minister from Robert Walpole through to Theresa May.

Currently living prime ministers and monarchs have no information listed for date of death.

The R script longlivesthequeen.R will do several things:

  • Load the above spreadsheets and temporarily fill in the current day as the "deathdate" and end of reign/term for all monarchs and prime ministers, then calculate lifespans and reign/term lengths based on that
  • Run a nifty loop to calculate how many days each prime minister's lifespan overlapped with each monarch's time on the throne
  • Format the data for graphic
  • Produce several graphs about the monarchs and prime ministers, versions of which are in the images folder, such as:

Monarch lifespan


PM lifespans

Finally, this folder contains uk-pop-pyramid.csv, a spreadsheet of the UK population by age from the Office for National Statistics. This data will be used by longlivesthequeen.R to create a British population pyramid with those born before and during Queen Elizabeth II's reign broken out:

UK population pyramid