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SensorToy is a small app that shows data from all of the iPhone's major sensors and mapping capabilities
The goal with the app is to have some quasi-real-time look into data coming from CoreLocation, the accelerometers,
and the GPS/Mapping system.
My original goal with this was to determine what happens on an iPodTouch in an app using CoreLocation for mapping
when WiFi goes away (i.e., you go into Airplane mode, or if your WiFi connection becomes suddenly unavailable).
It wasn't clear if you just get back 0.00,0.00 for the location or something else. It turns out that you get the last known location.
The app will also show you real-time data from the accelerometers showing X,Y,Z data and also show the compass heading
Anyway, its a cute little app that might be a good jumping off point for other sensor-based utility apps.
- David
PS: If you have iSimulate, you can also drive this app using your iPodTouch or iPhone using the simulator as
the iSimulate library is included/linked in.