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Commits on Jan 23, 2014
@rkuhn rkuhn =pro clean up build
- move license and homepage into build definition
- enable sbt-license-report plugin to properly pick it up
- remove hand-coded XML (always a good idea)
- remove plugin
- remove STM reference from README
@archie archie =doc #3564 Moving the Actor DSL doc section a9d4923
@jozic jozic =act Normalize DeathWatch Debug events' messages b3e06d2
@gramk gramk =act #3800: Add timeout value in AskTimeoutException message. d95bfee
@jcranky jcranky =doc Replace old NetBeans plugin information 76afb10
@drexin drexin =act #3634, #3796 Fixing errors in code comments fe6e655
@patriknw patriknw +act #3648 Add default repeat=false in FSM.setTimer ba939c0
@patriknw patriknw =act #3605 Make defaultDecider a val 36679c3
@patriknw patriknw +act #3662 Support Any value in 357879b
@patriknw patriknw +act #3591 Return ExecutionContextExecutor from context.dispatcher 16e2cf7
@patriknw patriknw =act #3690 Correct calculation of remainingDuration in CircuitBreaker…
@patriknw patriknw =con #3801 No dilation of expectNoMsg in ReliableProxySpec
* The problem was that too long expectNoMsg caused failure detection
  because of blackhole
@viktorklang viktorklang =act #3819 - Correcting a race between Index.put and Index.remove(key) b0a61b6
@patriknw patriknw +act #3769 Add toStringWithoutAddress to ActorPath d91328f
@patriknw patriknw !pro #3809 Update to config 1.2.0
* Changed all duration reads to use implicit conversion
  and the new getDuration to reduce boilerplate
@patriknw patriknw =act #3798 Increase coroner timeout in ConsistencySpec 37c656a
dario.rexin +doc #3816 Removed surrounding scala code from config examples in docs 8573d35
@patriknw patriknw !clu #3617 API improvements related to CurrentClusterState
* Getter for CurrentClusterState in Cluster extension, updated via
* Remove lazy init of readView. Otherwise the cluster.state will be
  empty on first access, wich is probably surprising
* Subscribe to several cluster event types at once, to ensure *one*
  CurrentClusterEvent followed by change events
* Deprecate publishCurrentClusterState, was a bad idea, use sendCurrentClusterState
* Possibility to subscribe with InitialStateAsEvents to receive events corresponding
  to CurrentClusterState
* CurrentClusterState not a ClusterDomainEvent, ticket #3614
@patriknw patriknw !act #2927 Add BalancingPool and deprecate BalancingDispatcher 0a84f7d
@patriknw patriknw =act #3710 Correct doc of FSM unregistering listener 71543d8
@rkuhn rkuhn =doc 3764 revise recommended practice for Props creation
- it is not recommended to use Props.apply(=> Actor) within an Actor
- it is recommended to use that method in the Props factory method in
  an actor’s companion object
@drexin drexin +act #2075 Added possibility to pass an ExecutionContext to an ActorS…
@rkuhn rkuhn !act,doc,rem,tes 3823 remove deprecated Props methods
- rewrite deprecated usages to their recommended counterparts
- TestActorRef now verifies mailbox requirements
- CallingThreadMailbox now exposes proper messageQueue type for
@patriknw patriknw !pro,sbt #3781 Remove akka-sbt-plugin 0f0ea73
Endre Sándor Varga !rem #3765: Change the defaults for remoting
 - removed retry-window and related settings
 - removed gate-invalid-addresses-for
 - gate is now mandatory
 - remoting has a dedicated dispatcher by default
 - updated tests to work with changed timings
 - added doc section for association lifecycle
@krasserm krasserm !per #3704 Persistence improvements
- Channel enhancements (#3773):
- Live read models (#3776):
- Batch-oriented journal plugin API (#3804):
- Batching of confirmations and deletions
- Message deletion enhancements (more efficient range deletions)
Endre Sándor Varga !cha #3789: Remove typed channels da930a6
Endre Sándor Varga !act #3812: Remove Pipelines 0887a43
@patriknw patriknw =act #3738 Fix memory leaks in tests
* afterAll not called when all tests marked as ignore,
  invokeBeforeAllAndAfterAllEvenIfNoTestsAreExpected = true
  should solve that, but changed to pending in Ticket1978 anyway
* Try to shutdown when ActorSystem init fails. It is difficult
  to cover all scenarios, but this should improve the situation.
  This was the reason why DeployerSpec leaked.
* missing shutdown in some tests
@patriknw patriknw =act #3572 Add parens to sender
* because it is not referentially transparent; normally we reserved parens for
  side-effecting code but given how people thoughtlessly close over it we revised
  that that decision for sender
* caller can still omit parens
Endre Sándor Varga +act #3586 #3807 Implement mandatory read throttling cef88cb
@patriknw patriknw =per #3820 Increase some test timeouts in persistence
* reproduced the problem with sleep in LeveldbStore
@drexin drexin !tes #3544 Added 'system' as default parameter to the shutdown method on
@patriknw patriknw =act #3825 Fix bug in BalancingSpec
* The problem was that the pool had 10 routees and
  depend on blocking to verify balancing scheduling
  to unblocked routee, but the thread pool size was 8
  and therefore routee 8 and 9 was never scheduled
  (blocked) as expected.
@krasserm krasserm !per #3828 Rename receiveReplay to receiveRecover
- because it handles messages related to recovery (snapshots and replayed messages)
@patriknw patriknw =rem #3827 Adjust gate setting in AkkaProtocolStressTest 96e285d
@krasserm krasserm =per #3829 Set default expectation timeout to 10s c5ac080
@patriknw patriknw =clu #3826 Harden cluster.StressSpec
* The Identify message didn't get through to the master, which
  was stopping at the same time, and it didn't got redirected to
  deadletters, i.e. the "termination race"
@sourcedelica sourcedelica !con #3820 Add reconnection to ReliableProxy 7025f55
@bantonsson bantonsson +act #3770 Added Java 8 friendly APIs for Actor and FSM d7148c5
@viktorklang viktorklang =act - Optimization of actorcell and actor field clearing bf37ace
@krasserm krasserm =per #3824 Do not share testActor across tests ff9b90c
@patriknw patriknw =doc cleanup formatting error in docs 14e2217
@patriknw patriknw =con Unbork genjavadoc for ReliableProxy
* genjavadoc fails with NPE for the ReliableProxy.DebugLogging trait,
  workaround by moving it to top level
@patriknw patriknw =pro #3833 Disable diagram verification for kernel and dataflow
* The problem was that those projects contain very few classes, without
  any diagrams, and therefore the scaladocVerifier fails
@patriknw patriknw =clu,rem #3632 Correct wrong transport in docs d3b6849
@patriknw patriknw +act #3513 Clarify gracefulStop stopMessage, and add Java API 533be1f
@patriknw patriknw =doc #3102 Remove ComposableActor doc sample 7cab456
@patriknw patriknw =doc #3647 Clarify that existing FSM timer is canceled by setTimer 92e2d0f
@patriknw patriknw +sam #3607 Add maven pom.xml to akka-sample-main-java 5b9cc0f
@patriknw patriknw =doc #3573 Clarify maxNrOfRetries in supervisor strategies f920e71