💩 GitHub Issue to JIRA migration 💩 and JIRA CLI
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💩 Import GitHub issues into JIRA 💩

U GitHub->JIRA. ughjira. Get it?


  1. Configure dot.ughjira.conf and put it in $HOME/.ughjira.conf.
  2. Run carton install.
  3. Run carton exec ./ughjira.
  4. Be happy you didn't have to wade through the half-finished, mostly broken GitHub API implementations in Perl and spend way too many hours figuring out that there is no good way to convert Markdown -> Confluence.
  5. Send a PR or file an issue if you have an error, and accept my apologies if that creates extra work for you.


Ughjira imports issues from GitHub into JIRA, and attempts to be friendly in the following ways:

  1. It attempts to preserve (to the best of its ability) formatting in issue descriptions and comments.
  2. It attempts to preserve user information.
  3. Cross-references issues from GH -> JIRA -> GH.
  4. Closes issues in GH.


  1. Some formatting things do not carry over.
  2. Images do not carry over (as far as I'm aware).
  3. Blockquotes are not handled.
  4. Issues closed in GH are not handled.
  5. User assignment in JIRA is not handled.
  6. Does not import closed issues.

I'll happily accept patches that help your use case. This script is a quick hack that I'm sure will be disappointing to someone when it doesn't do exactly what they want.