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- Turbo target lets you test with 3 techniques for both downloads and local file processing using CGImageSourceRef, libturbojpef, and incremental decode using libjpeg (turbo version)
- the incremental approach uses mmap, only maps small parts of the image at a time, and does its processing as the image downloads and can thus handle very large images
- averages the decode time for all 3 technologies
+- production quality - all "PhotoScroller/Classes" source being used in an upcoming Lot18 app (except PhotoViewController, which was absorbed into another class)
Note: originally I tried to do as Apple does - receive a single jpeg file then create all the tiles on disk as pngs. This process took around a minute on the iPhone 4 and was thus rejected.
+- set the blend mode on the context as Apple does in QA1708
- zoomLevels is now a run time value - set it to 1 if you have a low-resolution image, then replace the TileView with a real zooming level later
- name change so Xcode 4.3 "Analyze" doesn't complain

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