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tcom Allows Emacs as Editor for MS Outlook


This is a github clone of tcom Allows Emacs as Editor for MS Outlook with some minor edits in order to make it easier for Emacs to locate the necessary Tcl scripts.


In order to use this extension you will have to install for Windows. You will also need

In order to avoid having to edit outlookedit/outlookedit.el Emacs expects to find the Tcl scripts in $HOME/.emacs.d/vendor/outlookedit. Coincidentally this is exactly how my personal is configured.

NOTE: I did not write outlookedit.el but simply providing this github mirror of it to make it easier for users to add it to their Emacs configurations.

Configured key-bindings

  • (C-c o e) Copy contents of currently open e-mail in Outlook to emacs
  • (C-c o s) Replace the contents of the currently open e-mail in outlook with the contents of your current Emacs buffer
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