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Puppet module for deploying PSGI applications with nginx and Starlet
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PSGI/Plack Puppet Module

Deploy PSGI applications with a plackup initscript and nginx reverse proxy configuration



  psgi::app {
      path => '/home/www/sites/mysite',  # directory containing root, lib
      domain => "",            # site hostname
      aliases => [ "" ],   # alternative hostnames
      port => 5000,                      # port the PSGI app will listen on
      psgi => 'myapp.psgi',              # path to PSGI app, relative to path
      appmodule => 'MySite',             # webapp library. used for compilation
      workers => 3,                      # max number of child procs to spawn 
      server => 'Starman',               # webserver to use. only Starman works for now
      owner => 'www',                    # user to run as
      group => 'www',                    # group to run as


  • Right now this module assumes your app directory contains root/, root/static/ and lib/. Patches are welcome for handling more generic cases.
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