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Version 0.12
Potential improvements:
- Unit test coverage.
- Split OauthServiceException.
- OAuth 2.0 support.
Release notes 0.13 (TBA)
Release notes 0.12 (28th August, 2011)
- Allowed proper handling of RESTful responses.
Release notes 0.11 (19th August, 2011)
- Fixed broken getProvider method.
Release notes 0.10 (8th September, 2010)
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2459, Add support for PUT/DELETE/HEAD/OPTIONS.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2458, Don't wrap all exceptions in OauthServiceException (Allow for easier handling of
different types of failures).
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2457, Add support for signing (and not executing) custom HttpUriRequest objects.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2456, Add support for signing and executing custom HttpUriRequest objects.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2455, Add support for retrieving an HttpResponse instead of just the body.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2454, Add shortcut for setting Accept header.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2453, Add support for setting Content-Type.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2452, Add support for adding body content.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2451, Add support for adding headers.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2450, Use HttpClient instead of HttpURLConnection.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2449, Better support for REST API calls.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2438, OauthService#getRequest(Map) does not set access token on OAuthConsumer.
- Fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2437, OauthService should not re-use provider/consumer objects.
- Make getRequest() append params to the URL's query string. Services such as the Twitter API expect
the params as URL parameters and will ignore headers. Unfortunately, for now we still add
headers otherwise signpost doesn't seem to sign them correctly.
- Do not add params to "both" the query string and headers.
- Code style tweaks.
- README tweaks to provide HttpClient 4.x resources.
Release notes 0.9 (31 August, 2010)
- Fix the HttpURLConnection to apply the request method (i.e. GET, POST etc).
- Provides fix for GRAILSPLUGINS-2426.
Release notes 0.8 (30th August, 2010)
- Fix original access resource method and remove additional methods.
- Extra methods causing confusion, fixing original also addresses GRAILSPLUGINS-2422.
- Documentation updates to reflect these changes.
Release notes 0.7 (18th August, 2010)
- Update to the OAuth to provide additional methods to help retrieve protected resources.
- Update to Grails 1.3.4.
Release notes 0.6 (17th July, 2010)
- Registered service againsts onConfigChange method.
- Small service refactoring.
Release notes 0.5 (17th July, 2010)
- Update to Grails 1.3.3.
- Replaced println with log statements in the OauthService.
Release notes 0.4 (4th July, 2010)
- README.txt file introduction.
- Removal of net.oauth library dependency.
- Removal of getAuthUrl methods from OauthService.
- Turn OAuth service into a singleton to improve performance.
Release notes 0.3 (1st July, 2010)
- Update to Grails 1.3.2.
- Introduction to BuildConfig.groovy.
- Update build config to pull down signpost library dependencies with maven.
- Empty library directory (place old jars into project root).
- Introduce class packages org.grails.plugins.oauth.
- Correct dependencies.
- Introduction of signpost to OauthService.
- Removal of net.oauth library.
- Defined additional configuration fields.
- Improved logging.
- Improved code formatting.
Release notes 0.1.1
- Patch for LinkedIn
Release notes 0.1 (30th May, 2008)
- Initial release.