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Install AdNauseam on Chromium based browsers

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Google has banned AdNauseam from its web store and have left users with no access to their data. Follow these instructions to install it anyway.

Backup your data

If you're a new AdNauseam user, or don't need your saved ads, jump to Installation

  1. Click on the AdNauseam icon in the toolbar
  2. Then click the View Ad Vault button
  3. Then click EXPORT at bottom-right

Install AdNauseam

Attention: As of 2022 desktop chromium-based browsers do not allow AdNauseam to be installed with the .crx file, only with the "load unpacked" folder method explained bellow.

Manual Install in Developer Mode

  1. Download the latest file from releases
  2. Extract the zip file to a folder where it can remain after install

      Warning: Do not delete this folder after install or the extension will be disabled

  1. In the Chrome menu, click Windows > Extensions or type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar
  2. Make sure the 'Developer Mode' checkbox is ticked
  3. Click 'Load unpacked extension' and go to the folder from step 1. Make sure you select the folder with the name 'adnauseam.chromium' (without a version number)
  4. If you have previously exported your ads, you can now import them

* Note that each time you restart Chrome you may be prompted to Disable Developer Mode Extensions. Hit Cancel and continue.


This can be annoying, as Google intends, however there is a workaround for advanced users on Windows and MacOS. Unfortunately we don't know of workarounds (as yet) for other platforms.

Retrieve your saved data

  1. After you have AdNauseam up and running again, go back to the AdNauseam settings page
  2. Scroll all the way down again and click ''Import Ads''
  3. Choose your backup
  4. You're all set

Using AdNauseam on other browsers

If Google has lost your trust, as it has ours, you might want to move to a browser that is not as intrusive and controlling. You have a number of options including:

Optimal configuration for Ad Collection on Brave

Brave blocks Ads by default and trackers, so if you want to optimise its configuration in order to have the most amount of ads collected and clicked, change the "tracking and ads blocking" to "Disabled". AdNauseam will still continue to be blocking trackers and hiding ads, but clicking and collecting the most of them as intended by the extension.

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