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DH Programs - Data

This project builds on research about degree-granting Digital Humanities programs, and seeks to create a more comprehensive global directory of such programs, for the benefits of our community, institutions, and prospective students of the digital humanities.

Visualizations of the data from this project are available online at

The Data repository will host documents describing DH programs in terms of location, requirements, and activities. Representatives of these programs will be able to add of update information about their programs, and this data will be then visualized and publicly accessible as a means of capturing the evolving 'big picture' of the digital humanities.

Beginning at the DH2017 Conference, this project will be moving into the next phase of collecting information about current digital humanities programs. For the time being, please contact Dr. Chris Alen Sula with any questions.

Last updated 07/28/2017, watch this space for updates.

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