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Liri Bot

A Node.js application which accepts user input and completes requests accordingly.


You will need to have the following Node.js packages installed prior to running this application: dotenv, inquirer, node-spotify-api, request, and twitter.


In the command line, enter "node liri.js (command) (specify)." (Command) and (specify) are placeholders for user inputs. See below for a list of possible commands. Specify refers to a specific search query, such as a movie or song title, which is entered as a string enclosed in quotes.

You'll need to create a .env file and add the following information between the lines:

"# Spotify API keys" - remove quotes

SPOTIFY_ID=your-spotify-id SPOTIFY_SECRET=your-spotify-secret

"# Twitter API keys" - remove quotes

TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY=your-twitter-consumer-key TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET=your-twitter-consumer-secret TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY=your-access-token-key TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET=your-twitter-access-token-secret

You'll need to supply your own Spotify and Twitter API keys.


  1. my-tweets - Displays the user's last 10 tweets and their date of creation.

  2. spotify-this-song + "name of song"- Returns each track's title, artist(s), and album, as well as a preview link. Defaults to "The Sign" by Ace of Base if no search term is entered.

  3. movie-this + "name of a movie" - Returns information about the movie's title, release year, IMDB rating, Rotten Tomatoes rating, country, language, plot, and actors. Defaults to "Mr. Nobody" is no search term is entered.

  4. do-what-it-says - Performs command written in the random.txt file.


A record is kept of all executed commands and results in the log.txt file.

Technologies Used

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Node.js packages (dotenv, inquirer, node-spotify-api, request, twitter)