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Home Automation News Scraper

Home Automation News Scaper is web application that scrapes news from Gizmodo's home automation web site. I made the app with Mongoose and Cheerio technologies among other technologies.

  • Whenever a user runs the app on the local server or on the Heroku app link, article headlines, the article link, and the article snippet are scraped from's website.
  • I used cheerio to grab and scrape's DOM elements. Mongoose was used to save the scraped data to our database (mongodb.)
  • The add note button allows user to add notes on an article. All notes are saved to our mongodb database.

See it live here:

ga This app was made using cheerio to serve as the ORM to simplify the database interactions.


Technologies used

*Node.js *Express.js *Bootstrap V3.7

Getting Started

This app is built with the following npm packages:

  • express
  • express-handlebars
  • body-parser
  • cheerio
  • mongoose
  • morgan
  • request

Type npm install in the command line to install all the dependencies located within package.json

Default test (included in package.json file)

In order to connect to the scraper web app on the local server, type the following in the command line:

node server.js

The user will also be notified in the command line interface on which PORT its connected on.

localhost:port/scrape will scrape the Gizmodo's home automation website

localhost:port/articles will display all the scraped articles from

This app is a work in progress.