The League of Extraordinary Gentleman JavaScript Game
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The League of Extraordinary Gentleman - Homework 4


This is a build project for my coding bootcamp class. I had to build a working game using JavaScript as part of my homework assignment. The basis of the game was given in the assignment and I chose and coded the theme. The theme I chose is The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. The Gentleman are fighting the enemy, Hyde. Each Gentleman you click on has a value that you're unaware of. You won't know the value until you click on each of them. When you click the first one the value is revealed in the Gentleman's sum. Each additional Gentleman's value will have to be subtracted from the sum to figure out their value. Your goal is to match Hyde's random number.


  1. Click on one of the Gentleman's number to reveal the value.
  2. Click on another Gentleman and subtract the value from the Gentleman's sum.
  3. You need to match Hyde's value to win, if you go over, you lose.

Play the Game

Go to the following link to play the game.