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Web applicaiton error logging fro both client and server. Useful during beta testing to automate error reporting.
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Reducio - A web application error logging framework for client and server logging


Reducio will help record Javascript errors that occur during client side testing, and will attempt to:

  • Classify each error based on message thrown
  • Record an exception from the client and associate secondary instances of that exception to the primary error description
  • Assign an identifier to the user session for error corrrelation
  • Provide a method for mapping client side errors to any exceptions thrown in ther server environment

Just add this function to you web pages and errors will be logged on your server:

<script type="text/javascript">
        var userSessionGuid = "<%= UserSessionGuid%>";

And this function to your .js file

    Error Handler Object
var Incident = function (title, pageName, userSessionGuid, currentDOM, notes, clientData, originalErrorMessage) {
    this.Title = title;
    this.PageName = pageName;
    this.UserSessionGuid = userSessionGuid;
    this.CurrentDOM = currentDOM;
    this.Notes = notes;
    this.ClientData = clientData;
    this.OriginalErrorMessage = originalErrorMessage;

function sendError(){
     var o, xhr, data, msg = {}, argtype = typeof( arguments[0] );

     // if it is an error object, just use it.
     if( argtype === 'object' ){
          msg = arguments[0];

     // if it is a string, check whether we have 3 arguments...
     else if( argtype === 'string') {
     // if we have 3 arguments, assume this is an onerror event.
          if( arguments.length == 3 ){
              msg.message    = arguments[0];
              msg.fileName   = arguments[1];
              msg.lineNumber = arguments[2];
        // otherwise, post the first argument
          else {
              msg.message    = arguments[0];

      // include the user agent
      msg.userAgent = navigator.userAgent;

      // client data - workflows, form Fields, etc.
      var clientData = {};
      clientData.Workflow = ko.toJSON(vm.selectedWorkflow());
      clientData.FormFields = ko.toJSON(vm.formFields());

    // Create incident for logging
    var incident = new Incident("", document.URL, userSessionGuid, "{body: " + document.body.innerHTML +
                    "}", "", ko.toJSON(clientData), ko.toJSON(msg));

    //    Parse Title from message, remove 'Error: '
    var endTitlePos = msg.message.indexOf(".");
    incident.Title = msg.message.substr(7, endTitlePos - 7);

    // convert to JSON string
    data = {"jsonError" : ko.toJSON(incident) };

     //  If jQuery can't load we are in worse shape than what we think.
         url: "Services/ErrorLogging.asmx/LogError",
         async: true,
         type: "POST",
         data: ko.toJSON(data),
         contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
         dataType: "json",
         error: function (XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) {
         success: function (msg) {

     // hide error message from user in supporting browsers
     return false;

 window.onerror = sendError;


Reducio uses RavenDB, jQuery, KnockoutJS

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