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Edit the config/aws.json and config/index.js files and add your own credentials and email address there.


Welcome to the AWS CodeStar sample web service

This sample code helps get you started with a simple Express web service deployed by AWS CloudFormation to AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

What's Here

This sample includes:

  • - this file
  • buildspec.yml - this file is used by AWS CodeBuild to package your service for deployment to AWS Lambda
  • app.js - this file contains the sample Node.js code for the web service
  • index.js - this file contains the AWS Lambda handler code
  • template.yml - this file contains the Serverless Application Model (SAM) used by AWS Cloudformation to deploy your service to AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway.

What Do I Do Next?

If you have checked out a local copy of your AWS CodeCommit repository you can start making changes to the sample code. We suggest making a small change to app.js first, so you can see how changes pushed to your project's repository in AWS CodeCommit are automatically picked up by your project pipeline and deployed to AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. (You can watch the pipeline progress on your AWS CodeStart project dashboard.) Once you've seen how that works, start developing your own code, and have fun!

Learn more about Serverless Application Model (SAM) and how it works here:

AWS Lambda Developer Guide:

Learn more about AWS CodeStar by reading the user guide, and post questions and comments about AWS CodeStar on our forum.

AWS CodeStar User Guide:

AWS CodeStar Forum: