Notes taken for the of late '11.
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These are my personal notes taken while studying for

There was a little interest in what I used to put these notes together (or maybe even how I used it to do just that) so I figured I'd put the raw LaTeX files up for grabs here.


  • The introductory lecture and the one on linear regression is missing. I didn't take notes for the introduction and the notes on linear regression are in a word processor format (I hadn't used LaTeX before so it took me 1 week of notes to figure out I needed it).
  • See above - I hadn't used LaTeX before making this document - it is guaranteed to contain errors in style and sub-optimal ways of doing things. It is also likely to be inconsistent in approach - I didn't figure out how to do pseudo code properly until week 8.
  • As mentioned, these are my personal notes. I make no guarantee as to the correctness of these scribbles
  • Not all language is entirely formal. Nothing terrible or anything but at times I might've been frustrated with a particular topic.
  • I refer to the 'scratchpad' at times. These are just word processor files with a bunch of screenshots from the lectures. They are mostly visual aids for the issue at hand and shouldn't be strictly necessary to understanding. If there's points where it really doesn't make sense, put a pull request together!


I put a CC by-nc ( license on this stuff. Mostly because I only realised at the last minute I should probably make some sort of statement on that one way or the other.