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Setting same fires remove/add/sort #143

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Setting the same contents fires events even if nothing has changed, see fiddle for example:

@Muon Muon changed the title from Setting same fires add/remove/sort to Setting same fires remove/add/sort

Hmm, this seems to be tied to the id attribute. Two models seems only seem to be considered same if they have the same id.

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This is in line with Backbone behavior. We use Backbone's smart set method internally for 1:M relations.(all working on id)

From Backbone documentation

If you want to smartly update the contents of a Collection, adding new models, removing missing ones, and merging those already present, you now call set (previously named "update"), a similar operation to calling set on a Model. This is now the default when you call fetch on a collection. To get the old behavior, pass {reset: true}.

This internally calls add/remove/sort. Search for _addReference, _removeReference in


Hmm, that's awkward. So what should I do if my data is just... data? Just give them arbitrary different ids?

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