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Create object hierarchies with Backbone models; Respond to hierarchy changes using regular Backbone events.
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Backbone-associations was born out of a need to provide a lightweight implementation of Backbone-relational with a limited, but commonly used feature subset. It supports one-to-one and one-to-many relations between Backbone.Models. This implementation offers speed and a low memory footprint for models having these relation types. It is able to handle updates to nested models in a performing fashion. Refer to the online test suite.


Each operation comprises of n (10, 15, 20, 25, 30) inserts. The chart above compares the performance (time and operations/sec) of the two implementations.

The annotated version of the source code is also provided.




Backbone-associations depends on backbone (and thus on underscore). Include Backbone-associations right after Backbone and Underscore:

<script type="text/javascript" src="./js/underscore.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="./js/backbone.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="./js/backbone-associations.js"></script>

Backbone-associations has been tested with Backbone 0.9.2 (or newer) and Underscore 1.3.1 (or newer).

Specifying Associations

Each Backbone.AssociatedModel can contain an array of relations. Each relation defines a relatedModel, key, type and (optionally) collectionType. This can be easily understood by some examples.

Specifying One-to-One Relationship

var Employee = Backbone.AssociatedModel.extend({      
    relations: [
        type: Backbone.One, //nature of the relationship
      key: 'manager', // attribute of Employee
      relatedModel: 'Employee' //AssociatedModel for attribute key
  defaults: {
    age : 0,
    fname : "",
    lname : "",
    mananger : {}

Specifying One-to-Many Relationship

var Location = Backbone.AssociatedModel.extend({          
  defaults: {
    add1 : "",
    add2 : null,
    zip : "",
    state : ""

var Project = Backbone.AssociatedModel.extend({       
  relations: [
        type: Backbone.Many,//nature of the relation
        key: 'locations', //attribute of Project 
        relatedModel:Location //AssociatedModel for attribute key
  defaults: {
    name : "",
    number : 0,
    locations : []

Valid values for


A string (which can be resolved to an object type on the global scope), or a reference to a Backbone.AssociatedModel type.


A string which references an attribute name on relatedModel.

type : Backbone.One or Backbone.Many

Used for specifying one-to-one or one-to-many relationships.

collectionType (optional) :

A string (which can be resolved to an object type on the global scope), or a reference to a Backbone.Collection type. Determine the type of collections used for a Many relation.

Eventing with AssociatedModels

CRUD operations on AssociatedModels trigger the appropriate events - identical to base Backbone Models & Collections. This is best understood with a simple example. More detailed examples can be found in the test suite.

var emp = new Employee({
  fname : "John",
  lname : "Smith",
  age : 21,
var mgr = new Employee({
  fname : "Tom",
  lname : "Hanks",
  age : 32,

var loc1 = new Location({
  add1 : "P.O Box 3899",
  zip: "94404",
  state : "CA"

var loc2 = new Location({
  add1 : "P.O Box 4899",
  zip: "95502",
  state : "CA"

var project1 = new Project({
  name : "Project X",
  number: "2"

 //set up eventing
  console.log("change:manager fired...");


  console.log("change on manager fired...");


//set up eventing
  console.log("reset on locations fired...");
  console.log("change:locations fired...");

project1.get('locations').add([loc1, loc2]);

//Console Log
//change:manager fired...
//change on manager fired...
//change:locations fired...
//change:locations fired...
//reset on locations fired...

Change Log

Version 0.2.0

Added support for cyclic object graphs.

Version 0.1.0

Initial Backbone-associations release.

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