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This file will contain a per-release list of changes that might affect deployments. If you are a system administrator who is maintaining/administering a node-xmpp-bosh installation, you might want to check this file every time you update your copy.


  • package.json now has dependencies with = instead of >= to prevent future versions of dependencies breaking node-xmpp-bosh with API incompatible changes (e.g. log4js).

  • Minor fixes, which reduce the memory footprint.

  • Updated EventPipe dependency to v0.0.5


  • Configuration variable max_xmpp_buffer_size changed to max_xmpp_stanza_size.

  • node-xmpp-bosh is now optionally compatible with pidgin (and all xmpp clients that use libpurple) if the configuration variable pidgin_compatible is set to true.

  • Bug-fixes to the websockets implementation - many thanks to @astro for finding these.

  • Most DOM (ltx) parser references replaced with SAX (node-expat) parser references. This should make things faster in general.

  • Logging uses log4js instead of "logging invented here".


  • Change in the public API. If you are embedding node-xmpp-bosh within your application, please note that the method start() has been renamed to start_bosh().


  • The following configuraions variable names were changed (issue #15 on google code details these changes as well):

    • max_data_held_bytes to max_data_held

    • max_xmpp_buffer_bytes to max_xmpp_buffer_size

    • default_inactivity_sec to default_inactivity

    • max_inactivity_sec to max_inactivity


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