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Installing node-xmpp-bosh

NOTE: Debian and Debian-based system users may use the detailed step-by-step instructions on how-to to install node-xmpp-bosh, contained in

  1. Install node.js (possibly at /opt/node-VERSION so that you can have multiple versions). node-xmpp-bosh has been tested with node v0.4.x - v0.6.x

  2. Set the node executable in the path (if not already set and also add to .bashrc):

    $ export PATH=/opt/PATH-TO-NODE/bin/:$PATH
  3. Set the NODE_PATH variable and add to .bashrc:

    $ export NODE_PATH=/opt/PATH-TO-NODE/lib/node_modules/:$NODE_PATH
  4. Test node:

    $ node
  5. Install npm:

    curl | sh
  6. If you are a developer, goto step [10]

  7. The following command will install node-xmpp-bosh along with all its dependencies. Go to the directory where you want to install node-xmpp-bosh.

    $ cd ~/
    $ npm install node-xmpp-bosh
  8. Run the proxy (test it)

    $ node node_modules/node-xmpp-bosh/run-server.js

    Now press Ctrl+C to exit (assuming it ran fine)

  9. Report any bugs at You are done!

  10. These instructions are only for developers who want to get the latest version from git.

    $ cd <your project directory>
  11. $ git clone

  12. $ cd node-xmpp-bosh

  13. Install all dependencies

    $ npm install .
  14. Set the executable flag on run-server.js:

    $ chmod +x run-server.js
  15. Test it out!

    $ node run-server.js

    Now press Ctrl+C to exit (assuming it ran fine)

  16. Goto step [9]