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This file will contain a per-release list of changes that might affect deployments. If you are a system administrator who is maintaining/administering a node-xmpp-bosh installation, you might want to check this file every time you update your copy.


  • Update docs. and links. Thanks @Neustradamus


  • Deny websocket connection unless correct sub-protocol is set or is left empty.


  • Updated the default firewall rules in the example config file to not specify an allow list instead of an empty allow list, which would allow no hosts to be connected to.


  • Include config option "websocket_ping_interval"
  • Update "ws" version from 0.4.19 to 0.4.29
  • Include more functional tests via "npm test"


  • Updated the dns-srv dependency to v0.3.0 - this makes node-xmpp-bosh mode robust since this version of dns-srv doesn't rely on undocumented EventEmitter API.


  • strict mode for almost all source javascript files.
  • Restrict the "domain" in the "route" attribute based on a regex in the configfile.
  • Allow admin to specify a list of hosts to allow and deny upstream XMPP connections to.
  • Better websocket handling. Use keep-alive ping/pong on websockets.


  • Websocket graceful stream close handling


  • dns-srv dependency updated to v0.2.0
  • Fix for new EventEmitter in node >= 0.10.0 which caused TLS negotiation failure with and possibly other XMPP servers. See issue #66 for more details.


  • ltx dependency updated to v0.2.2


  • Introduced a new URL /PATH/sysinfo/ which is password protected by default. Use the username 'admin' and the password set in the config file to see the contents behind this URL.

  • Using ejs (Embedded JavaScript templates) instead of hand-crafting HTML code while displaying the status and system information pages.

  • Update node-expat dependency to v2.0.0. See issue #56 for more details.


  • package.json dependencies use ~ instead of = wherever applicable.

  • Use node-lubmerjack instead of log4js for logging since we are able to now show the file name + line number + object name + function name in the log statement.


  • package.json now has dependencies with = instead of >= to prevent future versions of dependencies breaking node-xmpp-bosh with API incompatible changes (e.g. log4js)

  • Minor fixes, which reduce the memory footprint

  • Updated EventPipe dependency to v0.0.5

  • Fix broken GET handler - the Content-Length header was trimming down the output

  • More robust XML parsing using the SAX (expat) parser. reset() the parser on error - avoid re-constructing the parser on a parsing error and better isolation for multiple streams


  • Configuration variable max_xmpp_buffer_size changed to max_xmpp_stanza_size.

  • node-xmpp-bosh is now optionally compatible with pidgin (and all xmpp clients that use libpurple) if the configuration variable pidgin_compatible is set to true.

  • Bug-fixes to the websockets implementation - many thanks to @astro for finding these.

  • Most DOM (ltx) parser references replaced with SAX (node-expat) parser references. This should make things faster in general.

  • Logging uses log4js instead of "logging invented here".


  • Change in the public API. If you are embedding node-xmpp-bosh within your application, please note that the method start() has been renamed to start_bosh().


  • The following configuraions variable names were changed (issue #15 on google code details these changes as well):

    • max_data_held_bytes to max_data_held

    • max_xmpp_buffer_bytes to max_xmpp_buffer_size

    • default_inactivity_sec to default_inactivity

    • max_inactivity_sec to max_inactivity