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@@ -3,6 +3,18 @@ deployments. If you are a system administrator who is
maintaining/administering a node-xmpp-bosh installation, you might
want to check this file every time you update your copy.
+### v0.7.0
+* Introduced a new URL /PATH/sysinfo/ which is password protected by default. Use the username 'admin' and the password set in the config file to see the contents behind this URL.
+* Using [ejs]( (Embedded JavaScript templates) instead of hand-crafting HTML code while displaying the status and system information pages.
+### v0.6.4
+* *package.json* dependencies use *~* instead of *=* wherever applicable.
+* Use *node-lubmerjack* instead of *log4js* for logging since we are able to now show the file name + line number + object name + function name in the log statement.
### v0.6.2
* *package.json* now has dependencies with *=* instead of *>=* to prevent future versions of dependencies breaking node-xmpp-bosh with API incompatible changes (e.g. log4js)

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