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Started as a Team Project for CS690D at UMass Amherst, now turning into pytorch implementation of hyperbolic neural networks using Poincare Ball model.
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Hyperbolic Attention

Unofficial pytorch implementation of the Neural Network components proposed in Hyperbolic Neural Networks (NeurIPS) plus experiments and implementations with attention mechanisms in Hyperbolic Space.


1. Setup Python paths

$ export PYTHONPATH=<repo_root_dir>

2. Install requirements

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Train a model

Use the following comand to see the posible models and training configurations.

$ python hypernn/ --help

usage: [-h] [-r ROOT_DIR] [-l {DEBUG,INFO,WARNING,ERROR}]
                   [--dataset {snli,multinli}] [--train_set TRAIN_SET]
                   [--val_set VAL_SET] [--test_set TEST_SET]
                   [--max_seq_len MAX_SEQ_LEN] [--vector_cache VECTOR_CACHE]
                   [--use_pretrained] [--emb_size EMB_SIZE]
                   [--emb_init_avg_norm EMB_INIT_AVG_NORM] [--freeze_emb]
                   [--resume_snapshot RESUME_SNAPSHOT] [--epochs EPOCHS]
                   [--batch_size BATCH_SIZE] [--save_dir SAVE_DIR]
                   [--save_every SAVE_EVERY] [--mode {test,train}]
                   [--device {cpu,gpu}] [--gpu GPU] [--dtype {double,float}]
                   [--mainlogdir MAINLOGDIR] [--experiment EXPERIMENT]
                   [--experiment_dir EXPERIMENT_DIR] [--tb_debug]
                   [--model {hconcatrnn,hdeepavg,haddrnn,hconcatgru,addrnnattn,hdeepavgattn}]
                   [--rnn {RNN,GRU}] [--combine_op {add,concat}]
                   [--hidden_dim HIDDEN_DIM] [--hyp_bias_lr HYP_BIAS_LR]
                   [--hyp_emb_lr HYP_EMB_LR] [--euc_lr EUC_LR]
                   [--print_every PRINT_EVERY] [--val_every VAL_EVERY]

To level config for the HyperA project

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r ROOT_DIR, --root_dir ROOT_DIR
                        Path to root directory for the project.
  --dataset {snli,multinli}
                        One of snli or multinli
  --train_set TRAIN_SET
                        file name of train dataset
  --val_set VAL_SET     file name of dev dataset
  --test_set TEST_SET   file name of test dataset
  --max_seq_len MAX_SEQ_LEN
                        Max sentence length. If you want to truncate
                        sentences. Default: None
  --vector_cache VECTOR_CACHE
                        filename for saving word embeddings cache
  --emb_size EMB_SIZE   Has to be passed if --use_pretrained is not used
  --emb_init_avg_norm EMB_INIT_AVG_NORM
                        Average norm for uniformly initialized word
                        embs.Required if --use_pretrained is False
  --freeze_emb          Freeze embedding
  --resume_snapshot RESUME_SNAPSHOT
                        File where model snapshot is saved if resuming
                        training or doing test.
  --epochs EPOCHS       Number of epochs
  --batch_size BATCH_SIZE
  --save_dir SAVE_DIR   Dir where to save model snaps models are saved
  --save_every SAVE_EVERY
                        Checkpoint saving after how many iters
  --mode {test,train}
  --device {cpu,gpu}
  --gpu GPU             Used only if device is gpu
  --dtype {double,float}
                        double or float
  --mainlogdir MAINLOGDIR
                        Top level log dir. Logs for individual experiments are
                        subdirectories in this dir. (default: root_dir/logs)
  --experiment EXPERIMENT
                        name of the experiment. Use to create the logdir as
  --experiment_dir EXPERIMENT_DIR
                        if this is passed, --mainlogdir and --experiment are
  --tb_debug            Debug using tensorboard
  --model {hconcatrnn,hdeepavg,haddrnn,hconcatgru,addrnnattn,hdeepavgattn}
                        Pick the model to train
  --rnn {RNN,GRU}       Only used when using RNN based sentence encoder
  --combine_op {add,concat}
                        Method used to combine the reps of premise and hypo
                        when using model "haddrnn".
  --hidden_dim HIDDEN_DIM
  --hyp_bias_lr HYP_BIAS_LR
                        Learning rate for the bias parameters in the
                        hyperbolic space (used by RSGD)
  --hyp_emb_lr HYP_EMB_LR
                        Learning rate for the embedding parameters in the
                        hyperbolic space (used by RSGD)
  --euc_lr EUC_LR       Learning rate for layers parameterized by euclidean
                        params (used by Adam)
  --print_every PRINT_EVERY
                        Print training summary every
  --val_every VAL_EVERY
                        Run eval loop on dev data every val_every iterations
  --debug_grad          Pass this if debugging occurances of NaNs and Infs in

For instance, to train hyperbolic GRU, execute the following:

$ python hypernn/ --mainlogdir logs --experiment hyper_gru_5_5 --tb_debug --emb_size 5 --hidden_dim 5 --hyp_bias_lr 0.01 --hyp_emb_lr 0.2 --emb_init_avg_norm 0.0005 --epochs 30 --model haddrnn --rnn GRU --batch_size 512 --print_every 50 --device gpu

4. Extract predictions from the test set using a trained model

python hypernn/ --mode test --resume_snapshot .saved_models/hyper_gru_5_5/ --experiment_dir logs/hyper_gru_5_5_2019-05-07T19-40-40

Supply, --resume_snapshot and experiment_dir appropriately from your training run. (Look at the console log of your training to find the paths to these two).

Running baselines

Please see the README file in the Baseline folder.

Running unit tests (NOT MANDATORY)

$ chmod +x
$ ./


  1. Dhruvesh Patel

  2. Prashant Ranjan

  3. Praful Johri

  4. Rishabh Gupta

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