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Introduction to Git and GitHub

Git is version control software used to track the state of files associated with a project. Users can take snapshots of files, travel through the history of a project, collaborate transparently with others, and easily keep compatible data in many locations. Combined with GitHub, a cloud service, Git also becomes a way of finding and publishing text, including writing and code.

In this session, we'll learn what makes Git such a powerful tool for both collaborative and individual projects. We will share a conceptual overview of Git and GitHub, explore fundamental concepts such as committing and pushing, and explore practical applications of GitHub for writing and coding. This session will show how to use Git and GitHub for a variety of digital undertakings, including collaborating with others, finding code for use in your projects, and sharing your work publicly. This session covers initializing Git repositories, committing changes, pushing to GitHub, and cloning repositories to your local machine.

To complete this workshop, you will need to have VS Code and Git installed on your local machine. If you have not installed them already, follow this link to instructions for VS Code, and this link to instructions for Git.

Get Started >>>
Glossary >>>

What are Git, GitHub and Markdown?
What You Can Do with Git and GitHub
Review of the Command Line
Setting Up Git
Creating a Syllabus with Markdown
Staging and Committing Changes
Pushing to GitHub

Session Leader: Rebecca Parker

Based on previous work by Patrick Sweeney, Jojo Karlin, Jennifer Tang, Stephen Zweibel, and Mary Catherine McKinniburgh

Creative Commons License

Digital Research Institute (DRI) Curriculum by Graduate Center Digital Initiatives is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at When sharing this material or derivative works, preserve this paragraph, changing only the title of the derivative work, or provide comparable attribution.


Session on Git, version control software for tracking project files, backing up data, and collaborating with others. Includes discussion of GitHub.





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