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Release v1.3.0: Icons & Quality

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@dhtdht020 dhtdht020 released this 01 Dec 17:06
· 204 commits to master since this release


Additions + Enhancements:

  • Icons of applications are now loaded and displayed in the list alongside the category icons! cf3877e
  • Updated to Qt 6!
  • When sending an app to Wii, your configured IP address will be automatically saved and prefilled for next sends. 3a821c3
  • New out of date dialog, includes changelog.
  • Updated all icons around the UI.
  • Renamed "Debug" to "Options", added options to the menu.
  • Icon loading is now threaded. 2c78ed2
  • Spinner animation is now displayed when an app icon is loading. 14ead00
  • Long description tab is now threaded. 3b4c838
  • Options previously in the peripherals tab now moved to other menus. c41603e
  • Announcement banner loading is now threaded. 427ef83
  • Replaced developer profile button with icon. 377ecfe
  • Compressed (download) size now also displays in File Size. 3d9a9b3


  • When ran on macOS, OSCDL now uses the Linux style. a28afda
  • Many apps that were problematic with Send to Wii are now blocked from being sent to Wii. 76e4e51
  • App display names are now used in more places, instead of their internal name. 2bbb01a
  • Tab scroll bars are no longer displayed when not needed. d5a1422
  • Minor tweaks to dark theme. 7ce1f76
  • HTML comments are now removed from XMLs before parsing, this solves the problem with missing long descriptions for most previously problematic apps. 5c080d9
  • Blocked themes from sending to wii. 30470d0
  • Corrected HBB download status bar text. 34d1ccf

Linux and macOS users:

Download source code for this release below, and install requirements_GUI.txt.

Windows users: It is recommended to use the installer. Get oscdl-installer.exe below.

If you already have an older version of OSCDL installed, the installer will update it.