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JSON2Excel is a Rust and WebAssembly-based library that allows converting JSON files into Excel ones at ease.

npm version

How to build

cargo install wasm-pack
wasm-pack build

How to use via npm

  • install the module
yarn add json2excel-wasm
  • import and use the module
// worker.js
import {convert} "json2excel-wasm";
const blob = convert(json_data_to_export);

you can use code like next to force download of the result blob

const a = document.createElement("a");
a.href = URL.createObjectURL(blob); = "data.xlsx";

How to use from CDN

CDN links are the following:

You can import and use lib dynamically like

const convert = import("");
const blob = convert(json_data_to_export);

or use it as web worker

// you need to server worker from the same domain as the main script
var worker = new Worker("./worker.js"); 
worker.addEventListener("message", ev => {
    if ( === "ready"){
        const blob =;
        // do something with result
    data: raw_json_data

if you want to load worker script from CDN and not from your domain it requires a more complicated approach, as you need to catch the moment when service inside of the worker will be fully initialized

var url = window.URL.createObjectURL(new Blob([
], { type: "text/javascript" }));

var worker = new Promise((res) => {
    const x = Worker(url); 
    worker.addEventListener("message", ev => {
        if ( === "ready"){
            const json =;
            // do something with result
        } else if ( === "init"){
            // service is ready

worker.then(x => x.postMessage({
    data: raw_json_data

Input format

interface IConvertMessageData {
    uid?: string;
    data: ISheetData;
    styles?: IStyles[];
    wasmPath?: string; // use cdn by default

interface IReadyMessageData {
    uid: string; // same as incoming uid
    blob: Blob;

interface ISheetData {
    name?: string;
    cols?: IColumnData[];
    rows?: IRowData[];
    cells?: IDataCell[][]; // if cells mising, use plain
    plain?: string[][];

    merged?: IMergedCells;

interface IMergedCells {
    from: IDataPoint;
    to: IDataPoint;

interface IDataPoint {
    column: number; 
    row: number;

interface IColumnData {
    width: number;

interface IRowData {
    height: number;

interface IDataCell{
    v: string;
    s: number;

interface IStyle {
    fontSize?: string;
    align?: string;         // left | center | right
    verticalAlign?: string; // top | center | bottom

    background?: string;
    color?: string;

    fontWeight?: string;     // bold
    fontStyle?: string;      // italic
    textDecoration?: string; // underline

    format?: string;

    // border valie format: {size} {style} {color}
    // size: 0.5px | 1px | 2px (works only with 'solid' style)
    // style: dashed | dotted | double | thin | solid
    // color: #000 | #000000
    borderTop?: string;
    borderRight?: string;
    borderBottom?: string;
    borderLeft?: string;