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This repo complements AAAI student paper by the name, "Mind Your Language: Abuse and Offense Detection for Code-Switched Languages" It contains the following files:

  1. Model used in the paper
  2. Embedding Matrix for the embeddings trained
  3. Dataset - HEOT
  4. Hinglish Profanity List created by us
  5. Dictionary for translation of Hinglish words
  6. Results that we got after running the model
  7. Some samples of the tweets on which we ran the model

If you use this repo or any part of it, please cite our paper as: @misc{kapoor2018mind, title={Mind Your Language: Abuse and Offense Detection for Code-Switched Languages}, author={Raghav Kapoor and Yaman Kumar and Kshitij Rajput and Rajiv Ratn Shah and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru and Roger Zimmermann}, year={2018}, eprint={1809.08652}, archivePrefix={arXiv}, primaryClass={cs.CL} }