An elegant and curved modal View for iOS (Swift)
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To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. The Example project use the modal as a Color/Size Picker.


D2PCurvedModal is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'D2PCurvedModal'

How to Use?

  1. First install the Pod and import the module D2PCurvedModal to your file
import D2PCurvedModal
  1. Instantiate D2PCurvedModalTransition and D2PCurvedModalPercentDrivenTransition inside the your presenting ViewController
let percentDrivenTransition = D2PCurvedModalPercentDrivenTransition()
let transition = D2PCurvedModalTransition()
  1. For the purpose of the transition animation your presenting ViewController must conform the UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate protocol, with these appropriate methods
extension ViewController: UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate {
    func animationController(forPresented presented: UIViewController, presenting: UIViewController, source: UIViewController) -> UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning? {
        if presented is D2PCurvedModal {
            transition.opening = true
            return transition
        return nil
    func animationController(forDismissed dismissed: UIViewController) -> UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning? {
        if dismissed is D2PCurvedModal {
            transition.opening = false
            return transition
        return nil
    func interactionControllerForDismissal(using animator: UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning) -> UIViewControllerInteractiveTransitioning? {
        return percentDrivenTransition.transitionInProgress ? percentDrivenTransition : nil
  1. Inside the action method (to open the modal) instantiate the view controllers that will appear embedded into the D2PCurvedModal and instantiate D2PCurvedModal, to finally use the method setUpViewOf(viewController:) of D2PCurvedModal
@IBAction func openModal(_ sender: Any) {

    let myCustomVC = MyCustomVC(nibName: "MyCustomVC", bundle: Bundle(for: MyCustomVC.self))
    let modalVC = D2PCurvedModal(nibName: "D2PCurvedModal", bundle: Bundle(for: D2PCurvedModal.self))
    modalVC.setUpViewOf(viewController: myCustomVC)
    modalVC.containerHeight = 200
    modalVC.transitioningDelegate = self
    percentDrivenTransition.attachToViewController(viewController: modalVC)
    present(modalVC, animated: true, completion: nil)

That's it! You're all set!!


All of the methods and properties available for D2PCurvedModal are documented below.

Change the modal container height

The containerHeight Property (CGFloat) (Default: 300)

Use the containerHeight property of D2PCurvedModal to change the height of the container view. Example usage:

 modalVC.containerHeight = 200

Change the modal background color

The bgColor Property (UIColor) (Default: .white)

Use the bgColor property of D2PCurvedModal to change the background color of the modal view. Example usage:

 modalVC.bgColor = .orange

Change the modal title

The modalTitle Property (String) (Default: "")

Use the modalTitle property of D2PCurvedModal to change the title of the modal. Example usage:

 modalVC.modalTitle = "Filter"

Change the modal title color

The modalTitleColor Property (UIColor) (Default: .lightGray)

Use the modalTitleColor property of D2PCurvedModal to change the title text color.

Change the close button background color

The closeBtnBgColor Property (UIColor) (Default: #FD4741)

Use the closeBtnBgColor property of D2PCurvedModal to change the background color of the modal close button.

Change the close button tint color

The closeBtnTintColor Property (UIColor) (Default: .white)

Use the closeBtnTintColor property of D2PCurvedModal to change the tint color of the modal close button.

Access the container view controller

The containerVC Property (UIViewController)

Use the containerVC property of D2PCurvedModal to access the view controller of the view that is embedded into the D2PCurvedModal.

Manually close the modal view

The close(animated: Bool, completion: (() -> Void)?) method

Use the close method of D2PCurvedModal to manually close the modal.


D2PCurvedModal uses a delegate to receive modal change events. The delegate object must conform to the D2PCurvedModalDelegate protocol, which is composed of the method:

  • modalWillOpen(modalVC: D2PCurvedModal)
    Tells the delegate that the view of the specified modal view controller is about to be displayed.

  • modalWillClose(modalVC: D2PCurvedModal)
    Tells the delegate that the view of the specified modal view controller is about to be removed.


No Requirement


Di2pra LinkedIn


Credits to Johny Vino for the UI Design inspiration. FlatIcon for the icons.


D2PCurvedModal is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.