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@diablodale diablodale fixed typo in floor section 3b04c08
@diablodale diablodale added windows 8 driver workaround b89a8e5
@diablodale diablodale added more details on orientation coordinate system a12b169
@diablodale diablodale fixed typo in skeleton section bdb74f5
@diablodale diablodale added explicit text to describe that Max is a needed product and from Cycling 74 aefd47d
@diablodale diablodale put in warning that NITE only supports 15 of the possible 24 OpenNI joints 21911d6
@diablodale diablodale Updated Home (markdown) 596c616
@diablodale diablodale updated to migrate download location to and clarified install procedures 2f7282b
@diablodale diablodale added link for downloads 09f84f6
@diablodale diablodale referred setup requirements to README file 01214ab
@diablodale diablodale added doc for new attribute "distmeter" which is available in v0.75+ ca3434c
@diablodale diablodale Updated Home (markdown) 3716485
@diablodale diablodale Updated Home (markdown) 14e61ae
@diablodale diablodale added more clarification that by detault real world coordinates are in millimeters bc8afdb
@diablodale diablodale updated requirements such that you can use newer versions of OpenNI, NITE, and SensorKinect 0c1b0c9
@diablodale diablodale added download locations for the required openni binaries 25b2260
@diablodale diablodale clarified the 0, 1 values for the output_scene_floor attribute dc2c269
@diablodale diablodale documented scene floor features, depth camera field of view 4cc2af2
@diablodale diablodale further clarified the orientation data of joints 3747070
@diablodale diablodale updated to remove osceleton_legacy_raw attribute and replace it with the skeleton_value_type attribute 3f02f5e
@diablodale diablodale documented the undocumented NITE skeleton heuristics XML setting c21397d
@diablodale diablodale updated with noticed that the attribute osceleton_legacy_raw will be removed and replaced with a new attribute in v0.7.0 9c500a5
@diablodale diablodale updated to match v0.6.9 release: alternate output formats, user CoM, OSCeleton legacy support 074833e
@diablodale diablodale clarified the orientation output in the OSC message 657384a
@diablodale diablodale clarified the install requirements ce51e97
@diablodale diablodale updated wiki for new openni, nite, driver requirements d180895
@diablodale diablodale added the 5 output enabling attributes, minor clarifications elsewhere 86d3f50
@diablodale diablodale documented dumpout format for the read message 7a97bae
@diablodale diablodale Updated Home (markdown) d6ac5a4
@diablodale diablodale Initial Commit 4ff7ef8
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