Wireshark-Specific Dissector Language
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Wireshark-Specific Dissector Language

wssdl.packet {
  message     : u8();
  definition  : i32();
  done        : utf8z();
  easy        : ipv4();

What is this?

wssdl is a domain specific language on top of lua built for the purpose of expressing easily message dissectors.


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Also check out some of the samples.


From the release

Grab the bootstrapped wssdl.lua from the latest release, and put it in your Wireshark Plugin directory (usually ~/.config/wireshark/plugins, ~/.wireshark/plugins or /usr/lib/wireshark/<version>)

From source

The build toolchain needs lua 5.1 or newer, luarocks and the luafilesystem module.

Clone this repository, and from the root directory call make install to install it to ~/.config/wireshark/plugins, or make WS_PLUGIN_DIR=/your/path install to install it to the path of your choice.