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Printer-Friendly Diceware


Download example printout [pdf]

What does this project do?

This project generates an easy-to-use printout of a Diceware wordlist. Simply select a word list file from your local computer and the website will generate a printer-friendly version of the word list with little dice icons.

The generated printout is 36 pages long, where each page has 6 columns of 36 words separated into 6 groups. This means that each page represents the first two dice, each column represents the third dice, each group represents the fourth dice, and each word is the fifth dice. This format makes it super fast to find the particular word when flipping through the pages. I play-tested this with my mom, and she had no problem figuring out where to go lookup the word from her dice roll.

This project is "unhosted", which means it does everything client-side (javascript renders the pages and the dice icons are in css) and no central server is needed. If you want to run a local copy of this website, simply right-click and "Save Page As"!

What is Diceware?

Diceware is a method for creating easy-to-remember random passwords by rolling 5 dice and looking up the number from a word list containing 7,776 words (6^5). There are many word lists (including the EFF, original list, and other languages).

How do I print?

  • Use the print preview function in your browser
  • Landscape mode
  • Turn on background images
  • Scale until each page fits (I have to zoom out to ~75%)


If this project is useful to you, please donate to the EFF. I don't work there, but they do fantastic work.


Released under MIT license.

Happy to receive pull requests, but my goal is to keep this project simple and tiny. It's supposed to work, nothing more.


Generate user-friendly printouts of Diceware word lists.







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