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Eventbrite-to-iCal Converter


I wanted to follow several Eventbrite organizers' events on my personal calendar, but apparently Eventbrite doesn't have iCalendar support. So I made a proxy that converts the Eventbrite API to iCal (.ics) format. It is super bare-bones, using only nginx and python (directly via the nginx config).

How To Use

Option 1: Use the website

If you just want to convert an organizer's events to an iCal format, all you need to do is paste their Eventbrite profile (e.g. or id (e.g. 7851144983) into the above website.

All the website does is generate a link for Option 2 (so you don't have to).

Option 2: Create the link yourself

If you want to automate things, you can just create the iCal link yourself.{organizer_id}

Replace {organizer_id} with the Eventbrite organizer's id (e.g.

NOTE: Since Jan 1, 2020, the Eventbrite API prohibits getting another organizer's list of public events, so unfortunately we have to use the website's internal API to get past and future events for an organizer :(

Option 3: Self-host

If you want to run this converter yourself, just include 'cgi.nginx.conf' in whatever nginx server config you want, and configure it to run All it does is call the python script using CGI, which then looks up the organization's events and converts it to the iCal format.

Install requirements (needed for cgi.nginx.conf to work):

apt install libnginx-mod-http-perl

Add to server config (see example_server.conf for a what I use):

server {
    location /eventbrite-organizer-ical {
        set $cgi_script "cd /etc/nginx/sites-available/eb-to-ical/ && python3 -c 'import eb_to_ical, wsgiref.handlers; wsgiref.handlers.CGIHandler().run('";
        include "/etc/nginx/sites-available/nginx2cgi/cgi.nginx.conf";

Make sure nginx likes the new include:

sudo service nginx configtest

Restart the server (you can use reload if you already had libnginx-mod-http-perl installed):

sudo service nginx restart


If this was useful to you, please donate to the EFF. I don't work there, but they do fantastic work. I'd recommend signing up for a monthly recurring donation of $19.84.


Written by Daniel Roesler (

Copyright 2024. Released under the GNU AGPLv3.


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