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Backend Tests

This is a simple test framework for diagrams. To test diagrams, first configure

% cabal configure -fcairo

Supported backends are: cairo, svg, postscript. canvas (HTML5) used to be supported and hopefully will be again soon. You can also do

% cabal configure -fall

to make an executable called "all-test" which will test all backends side-by-side. Then build:

% cabal build

Then run:

% ./dist/build/cairo-test/cairo-test

This generates a file called cairo-index.html (or svg-index.html, etc). Open this in your browser.

% open cairo-index.html

That's it!

Adding tests

Edit src/Diagrams/Tests.hs, and add to the examples list. Feel free to use helper functions inside the Tests.hs file. The name of the test should be a (UNIX) filename (no spaces, no slashes, no stars, etc)

Adding backends

To add a new backend, see the templates in cabal, src/Diagrams/Test/, and tests/*hs.


  • Add a new -f option and Executable -test in diagrams-tests.cabal
  • Add a src/Diagrams/Test/.hs
  • Add a .hs in tests/ which just calls out to the above.
  • Add to tests/All.hs

Now you can use

% cabal configure -f