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+[![Build Status](](
+`diagrams-builder` provides backend-agnostic tools for dynamically
+turning code into rendered
+[diagrams](, using the
+[hint]( wrapper to the GHC
+API. It supports conditional recompilation using hashing of diagrams
+source code, to avoid recompiling code that has not changed. It is
+useful for creating tools which compile diagrams code embedded in
+other documents. For example, it is used by the
+package (a plugin for
+to compile diagrams embedded in
+blog posts.
+An executable specific to the
+[cairo backend]( is included
+(more executables specific to other backends will be included in the
+future). It takes an input file and an expression to render and
+outputs an image file, using the cairo backend. If you want it you
+must explicitly enable the cairo flag with `-fcairo`.
+A LaTeX package, `diagrams-latex.sty`, is also provided in the
+`latex/` directory of the source distribution, which renders diagrams
+code found within `diagram` environments. It makes use of the
+`diagrams-builder-cairo` executable, so if you want to use
+`diagrams-latex.sty` you should install `diagrams-builder` with the
+`-fcairo` option. Note that `diagrams-latex.sty` is licensed under
+the GPL.

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