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@@ -171,7 +171,18 @@ multiMain ds = do
Nothing -> putStrLn $ "Unknown diagram: " ++ sel
Just d -> chooseRender opts d
--- | XXX
+-- | @animMain@ takes an animation and produces a command-line program
+-- which will crudely \"render\" the animation by rendering one image
+-- for each frame, named by extending the given output file name by
+-- consecutive integers. For example if the given output file name
+-- is @foo\/blah.png@, the frames will be saved in @foo\/blah001.png@,
+-- @foo\/blah002.png@, and so on (the number of padding digits used
+-- depends on the total number of frames). It is up to the user to
+-- take these images and stitch them together into an actual
+-- animation format (using, /e.g./ @ffmpeg@).
+-- Of course, this is a rather crude method of rendering animations;
+-- more sophisticated methods will likely be added in the future.
animMain :: Animation Cairo R2 -> IO ()
animMain anim = do
prog <- getProgName

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