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old-time and 7.6 #21

fryguybob opened this Issue · 3 comments

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When I try to build with 7.6 there are errors due to directory now using time instead of old-time. This is in the build loop code which should probably be moved to some backend unspecific module building with diagrams-builder.


Hmm, wasn't @mgsloan working on patching this to work conditionally with time or old-time?

In any case, I agree the looping stuff should move somewhere else. For now I say let's just rip it out and stash the code in a repo somewhere; I want to focus on releasing 0.6. If someone else wants to work on putting together the proposed backed-agnostic looping package, great, but it doesn't have to happen before the 0.6 release.


See also #5.


I see that the issue was worked around in diagrams-svg with: diagrams/diagrams-svg@bcc188b

@byorgey byorgey closed this issue from a commit
@fryguybob fryguybob `old-time` to `time`
Fix issue cause by directory switching from old-time to time with 7.6.
This follows what was done for `diagrams-svg` and fixes #21.
@byorgey byorgey closed this in b1a3be6
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