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  • bump upper bound to allow NumInstances-1.3 (28 March 2013)

  • bump upper bound to allow NumInstances-1.2

  • Quadratic solver is now more numerically stable, getting rid of some incorrect behavior of juxtapose (#46) 7 January 2013

  • allow semigroups-0.9

0.6: 11 December 2012

  • New features

    • boundingRect function for constructing a bounding rectangle

    • bg function for "setting the background color" (i.e. placing atop a colored bounding rectangle)

    • New functions setDefault2DAttributes and adjustDiaSize2D. adjustDia2D does both --- so the behavior of adjustDia2D has not changed, but it is now possible to apply just one of the two adjustments using the new functions.

    • Diagrams.TwoD.Transform now exports a ScaleInv type for creating scale-invariant objects, which are only affected by rotational and translational components of transformations.

    • The new Diagrams.Coordinates module provides nicer syntax for constructing and pattern-matching point and vector literals.

    • New fromFixedSeg function in Diagrams.Segment, which decomposes a FixedSegment into a starting point and a Segment.

    • New withTrace function for setting the Trace of a diagram.

    • Three new size-related functions:

      • New sized function for scaling an object to a particular size. One particularly nice use of this is to obviate the need to keep fiddling with the line width to get diagrams to "look right"; just set the line width relative to some arbitrary scale (e.g. assuming the final diagram will fit into a 1x1 box) and then apply sized to the final diagram to make it that given arbitrary size. It can also be used for easily making something (a diagram, path, trail, ...) the same size as something else, with the help of the new sizeSpec2D function.

      • New sizedAs function, for setting the size of some object to be "the same as" some other object.

      • New sizeSpec2D function for conveniently calculating the size of an object as a SizeSpec2D value (for use with the new sized funtion).

    • New extrudeEnvelope and intrudeEnvelope functions for modifying envelopes in a single direction only, as well as new functions extrude{Left,Right,Bottom,Top} specializing extrudeEnvelope to 2D.

    • arcCW draws clockwise arcs; arc' draws arcs counterclockwise or clockwise as the radius is positive or negative, respectively.

    • fill color attribute is generalized to support "recommended" and "committed" colors; text objects use a recommended fill color of black.

  • New instances

    • The Show instance for R2 now produces something like 2 & 6 instead of R2 { unR2 = (2,6) }. The Read instance has also been changed to match, so read . show = id.

    • Enveloped instance for FixedSegment

    • Traced instances for Segment, FixedSegment, Trail, and Path

    • New derived Eq instances for LineCapA, LineJoinA, Dashing, DashingA, FillRule, Font, FontSize, FontSlant, FontSlantA, FontWeight, and FontWeightA

    • Renderable Ellipsoid NullBackend instance

  • API changes

    • Data.Colour (minus atop and AffineSpace) is now re-exported from Diagrams.Prelude for convenience.

    • The beneath function is now infixl 6.

    • The BoundingBox module has had a complete overhaul. There is now a special empty bounding box, and bounding boxes are an instance of Monoid.

    • The type of withEnvelope has been slightly generalized.

    • Diagrams.TwoD.Adjust.adjustSize is now deprecated; it has been renamed and moved to Diagrams.TwoD.Size.requiredScaleT.

    • expandPath has been renamed to scalePath.

  • Dependency/version changes

    • Allow data-default 0.4 and 0.5
    • Allow base-4.6
    • Allow containers-0.5
  • Bug fixes

    • arc and arcT functions now always produce counterclockwise arcs, as claimed.

0.5: 9 March 2012

  • New features

    • mkSizeSpec function for constructing a SizeSpec2D from two Maybe Doubles
    • beneath as convenient synonym for flip atop
    • Improvements and extensions to rounded rectangles by Peter Hall:
      • roundedRect' allows rounded rectangles with a different radius specified for each corner
      • both roundedRect' and roundedRect now allow negative radii, resulting in "inverted" circular corners
    • #64: New Alignable class for things that can be aligned.
    • explodeTrail and explodePath have been generalized to return any PathLike type.
    • New path functions pathCentroid (compute the centroid of a path's vertices) and expandPath (scale a path about its centroid).
    • Generalized centroid function now exported from new module Diagrams.Points.
    • Initial (experimental) support for animation:
      • Animation and QAnimation defined as synonyms for Active diagrams (see active package)
      • Instances for Active: V, HasOrigin, Transformable, HasStyle, PathLike, Juxtaposable, Alignable
      • animEnvelope and animRect functions for automatic bounding of animations
    • addClosingSegment function for making the implicit closing segment of a closed trail explicit
    • Improvements to BoundingBox module from Michael Sloan: querying of BoundingBox bounds, corners, extents, and transformation of objects to fit within a given box.
    • Text alignment options from Michael Sloan
    • view function for restricting a diagram's envelope to a rectangular region.
    • iterateN function for iterating a finite number of times
    • atAngle for placing two diagrams next to each other along a specified angle.
    • padX and padY functions for padding in the X- and Y-directions independently.
    • generalized showOrigin function from Ian Ross
    • #40: add shears to Diagrams.TwoD.Transform
  • Performance improvements

    • Use a balanced folding scheme for cat', reducing time in some cases from \(O(n^2)\) to \(O(n \log n)\)
    • More efficient implementation of beside
  • New instances

    • Alignable instances for QDiagram, Path, Envelope, Active, Set, Map, []
    • Renderable instances for NullBackend (Trail, Path, Segment, Image, Text)
    • Instances for Active: V, HasOrigin, Transformable, HasStyle, PathLike, Juxtaposable, Alignable
  • API changes

    • R2 used to be a synonym for (Double, Double) but is now abstract. To convert between pairs of Doubles and R2, use the new functions r2 and unr2. There are two reasons for this change: 1. to allow for future changes to the implementation of R2; 2. (Double, Double) was an awkward special case getting in the way of useful tuple instances for classes like HasOrigin, Enveloped, and so on.
    • circlePath has been removed; its functionality has been subsumed by circle.
    • adjustSegment now takes an extra tolerance option.
    • Ellipses are now represented using Bezier approximations rather than a separate special type.
    • BoundingBox no longer has a Transformable instance; the old instance was misleading at best.
    • Change semantics of beside (hence also (|||) and (===)) so the result's origin is the same as that of the first argument.
    • adjustDia2D now takes a SizeSpec2D.
    • beside and related functions are now implemented in terms of juxtapose.
    • Instead of taking an R2, roundedRect now takes a pair of Doubles, to be more consistent with rect.
  • Dependency/version changes

    • Support for GHC 7.4.1:
      • depend on colour >= 2.3.2
      • update base and array upper bounds
    • bump vector-space upper bound
  • Bug fixes

    • Avoid scale by zero error in showOrigin.
    • Base adjustDia2D translation on output size rather than diagram size. 30 October 2011

  • bump data-default dependency to allow version 0.3

0.4: 23 October 2011

  • documentation fixes

  • New functions and primitives

    • wedge shape primitive
    • fromDirection function for converting angles to 2D unit vectors; inverse function direction generalized to return any Angle type
    • New functions for computing and adjusting segment lengths
    • scaleUToX and scaleUToY for doing uniform scales resulting in a desired width or height.
    • circlePath, reversePath, decoratePath
  • New features

    • Completely new and improved polygon generation API
    • Cubic splines
    • User-controllable path fill rules
  • Bug fixes

    • fix incorrect corner case in arc generation
    • fix incorrect reverseTrail function

0.3: 18 June 2011

  • New features

    • new customizable stroke' function which lets you assign names to path vertices
    • circle and square functions now take a size argument
    • function for adjusting 2D diagrams to requested size abstracted from cairo backend
    • generalize PathLike class to include an instance for diagrams, and collapse things like polygon/polygonPath into a single polymorphic function
    • basic text support
    • basic support for external images
    • very sketchy initial proof-of-concept library of 3D primitives. See also diagrams-povray package.
  • Bug fixes

    • Issue 32 (mempty not behaving correctly within concatenations)

0.2: 3 June 2011

  • documentation fixes

  • New functions and primitives

    • scaleToX and scaleToY for scaling to an absolute width/height
    • reverseTrail
    • new Angle class and ability to use radians, degrees, or circle fractions for specifying angles
    • rotateAbout and reflectAbout transformations based on new conjugation functions
    • rect and roundedRect primitives
    • explodeTrail/Path for breaking trails and paths into individual segments
  • New features

    • opacity attribute
    • support for path clipping
  • New modules

    • Diagrams.BoundingBox
  • Fixes and updates

    • withBounds now properly uses the new bounds instead of just combining them with the old

0.1.1: 18 May 2011

  • minor documentation fixes
  • link to new website

0.1: 17 May 2011

  • initial preview release
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