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diagrams-reflex Build Status

diagrams-reflex is a an SVG backend for diagrams, to be used in the browser via ghcjs. Diagrams is a powerful, flexible, declarative domain-specific language for creating vector graphics, using the Haskell programming language.


git clone
cd diagrams-reflex

Pick one of the build methods below.

With stack

stack build
cd example
work-on ./ghcjs.nix ./.

The work-on script can be found in the top-level directory of reflex-platform.


The examples directory contains several simple examples. Running versions of these examples (and others, not all using reflex) are online at


The following features are supported. If they don't work as expected (or as other Diagrams Backends), please file a bug report.

- fill color (solid only)
- line color
- line width
- line cap & join
- dashing
- opacity
- Paths
- Text
- mouse events
- font weight

These features are not yet implemented. Pull requests welcome!

- textures