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IC3-DIALDroid is an updated version of IC3 ( However, in contrast to IC3,

  • It does not require apk files to be retargeted using DARE (i.e., can directly work on apk files.
  • Due to more accurate lifecycle modeling, it can identify more intents.
  • Due to numerous bug fixes it has less failures.


  1. Please download or clone this repository.
  2. You can directly use the standalone Jar file (ic3-dialdroid.jar) inside the build directory.
  3. Or you can build using ant (ant -d clean compile fullJar).
  4. To run IC3-DIALDroid you will need android platform files. You can get a collection here:
  5. IC3-DIALDroid stores results in a MySQL database. The database schema is here:
  6. Please modify the file inside the build directory to provide database username and password.
  7. Please note the the file, ic3-android.jar and the AndroidCallbacks.txt must be in the same directory as the ic3-dialdroid.jar.
  8. Use following command to run ic3-dialdroid (build/ic3-dialdroid.jar)

: java [JVM options] -jar [path to IC3 Jar] -input [path to apk] -cp [path to Android platforms] -dbname [database_name]

Use JVM options to allocation more memory: e.g., -Xms4G -Xmx16G, will allocate maximum 16GB memory to JVM.

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