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ctrl-z breaks keyboard control (extra "<return>" key presses necessary) #107

ivanov opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I haven't dug into this, but just wanted to report it in case there was a simple fix.

load up turses and hit Ctrl-Z, and then fg to get back in. Now, it seems like turses only responds after you press <Return>. In other words, whereas just j and k keys works before pressing Ctrl-Z, now you have to press j<enter> and k<enter> in order to see the effect.


I've been able to reproduce it but I can't think about a cause for this bug. It could be an issue with urwid main loop's input handling but ^Z + fg works just fine in other urwid applications such as bpython.

Let me know if you discover something, I'm clueless here.

@dialelo dialelo closed this in fcae2f6
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