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Drawing Errors Under Tmux #116

piffey opened this Issue · 7 comments

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When using turses under tmux, nothing gets drawn to the screen correctly. If the pane is too wide, you only see the boxes of the tweets ( If the pane is narrow everything gets compressed into a mess ( Moving between tweets, especially when reaching the bottom of the page, leaves artifacts through the whole timeline making it unreadable. Additionally, using it in multiple panes has turses drawing over into other panes ( Everything works perfectly when not under tmux.

To test, I tried using screen, xterm, rxvt, and linux for $TERM to no change. I also tried changing my $LANG from en_US.UTF-8, but saw no change there. It doesn't seem to be a curses-specific issue since weechat is running in the same session and the same issue doesn't happen there. Also, since I was running this under PuTTY I decided to try using OpenSSH through Cygwin and got the same results. Buzzed through multiple fonts as well just to make sure that ProggyFonts/Terminus weren't the issue.

Oddly, my log file has no messages, only the log levels, so I wasn't able to see if this was because of something going on in turses. Will continue to poke at this though and in the mean time does anyone already know of a ready solution?


I'm experiencing the drawing issues under tmux as well. Usually the screen gets correctly drawn after a keyboard press (i.e. after a screen redraw) but I've got no idea why does this misbehaviour occur.

Marking it as a bug.


I always run turses under tmux and I'm not experimenting this problem at all!

Even when I change the size of the terminal (working with a tiling window manager, I do this all the time), add/remove timelines, add/remove panes, moving along the tweets, etcetera, I didn't see nothing like that since the first versions months ago.

BTW, if I use another font other than Dejavu Sans Mono, some glyphs are not rendered well or changed (e.g. the envelope symbol for retweets), even using UTF-8. The reason is the lack of support for a lot of Unicode glyphs in most of the monospaced fonts (e.g. Ubuntu Mono). The problem is even worst with foreign languages with non-Latin alphabets.


Went to test this with a different font to see. I've been using Terminus. Tested first with Terminus and everything now works. Tested second with Dejavu Sans Mono and it also works. All of this is fine under tmux now as well. Went to look at related packages that have been upgraded since the first bug post and the only one is python-urwid. I'm thinking this must've been a bug in urwid that is now resolved. Alejandro, can you confirm if it now works for you under tmux as well?

Edit: Version of urwid I'm now using is 1.0.2 and the latest version is 1.1.1. I didn't use pip to install it and have been relying on the out-of-date package for my distribution. May be able to test with urwid 1.1.1 later to make sure everything works there as well.


I've just tried it (urwid 1.0.2) in another machine and I don't get the drawing errors here. I'll double-check in the machine that got the drawing errors and if everything is all right we can close this bug.

Thank you guys!


I can confirm this issue in tmux 1.8 with urwid 1.0.1, and it remains after upgrading urwid to 1.2.1. I can run all the examples in the urwid source without any problems under tmux, so the problem might lie elsewhere.


Also having this issue. It is perfect outside tmux. But it doesn't draw correct inside.


I changed from Terminator to urxvt and the problem dissapeared.

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