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Google Earth Typewriter

Write a message using the Earth as your canvas.


During the first ever Google DevFest Portugal we had to come up with an idea (using Google technology), implement it in 24h and present it. I decided to use Google Maps API and some responsive web technology present during the event.


I knew for a long time a website with Earth locations very similar to letters. Therefore, the objective was to emulate the behaviour of a traditional typewriter but using those aerial views as letters. Therefore, a Google Earth Typewriter.

##How it works

You type a letter (spaces are also supported, but Y is not), you hear the good old sound of a typewriter's keystroke, and the website loads a real Google Map to display that letter. As with a typewriter, you can't erase what you already wrote you roll the paper to get a new line (and that's what the new line button does, with the respective sound).


The website is responsive although, for legibility reasons, the maps/letters display are not. It uses Twitter Bootstrap, Fittext, Google Maps Typography, Google Maps API, Bitter and SpecialElite fonts, and Soundjay's typewriter sounds.

##Special Thanks

  • Guilherme Simões: for all the help with Javascript, jQuery and sounds
  • Albuquerque Figueira: for helping me with Google Maps API

##License Google Earth Typewriter Copyright (C) 2013 Diogo Nunes. This program is free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 and it comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.


Write a message using the Earth as your canvas.







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